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Some college students are enlightened enough to figure out their career path while in school. In my case, it took me a few years after graduating with a Master’s degree that I realized a career in Accounts wasn’t for me.

Former Accountant turned Digital Marketer, driven by a goal to learn every day. I’m highly passionate about utilizing my detail-oriented mindset in the ever-expanding world of marketing (& operations).

At Kretaro I focus mainly on internal processes but I also have the opportunity to collaborate cross-departmentally to handle the customer support and weigh-in on our go-to digital marketing strategy.

I am proud to work at a People tech company that strives to be the world’s first & only credibility platform that enables individuals to show and check anyone’s credibility at any time. No matter how you look at it, Kretaro is the future, a world where rejection is a myth and your credibility wins.

These days I am working on:

🚀 Answering burning problems of people on Quora

🚀 Engaging a community of 65000+ readers on Substack

🚀 Exploring Adobe Illustrator

🚀 Exploring unorthodox marketing campaigns

🚀 Working on my website


Salini Pillai