14 best free SEO tools

Free seo tools

This is a list of the 14 best free SEO tools on the earth.

And it worked for me to bring a huge number of visitors for my clients.

Keyword Brainstorming

1. Wikipedia
Wikipedia is a great tool for keyword research as it helps you to think laterally about your keyword. Find synonyms & related keywords which your competitors have overlooked.

2.  Reddit
Reddit is a great tool for keyword research as it lets you go deep into your niche. Reddit users are passionate early adopters who frequently post about the latest trends.

Ubersuggest gives you hundreds of Google Keyword suggestions for free. A best tool to find every possible long tail variation of your keyword.

Keyword Research

4. Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner will give you data not available anywhere else about the keywords you’ve found through brainstorming. Monthly searches, competition, suggested bid…it’s all here.

Technical SEO

5. SEO Toolbar
One of the popular tools, The SEO Toolbar puts a ton of information at your fingertips including backlinks and competitive research.

Content SEO Optimisation Tools

6. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
If you have to choose only one WordPress plugin for your site, the first would be from Yoast, and so would the second. This one sets the standard.

7. Digg Digg WordPress Plugin
This plugin is not helpful with SEO directly but it will help get more likes and shares for your content by making it easy for your readers to share your articles.

Link Building Tools

8. NoFollow Chrome Extension
Outline nofollow links, detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. Great tool for link prospecting and seeing if your target allows “dofollow” links on their site.

9. Moz Open Site Explorer
You can perform a backlink analysis on your competitors site and replicate their links and rankings!

Content Analysis

10. Buzzsumo
Analyse what content performs best for any keyword or topic of competitor. Model this content and improve on it to get links and social shares for your own campaigns.

Content Marketing

11. PiktoChart
Infographics is one of the best ways for content marketing. Point and click editors makes it really easy even for non designers to make infographics. You can choose from over 400 templates, graphics and icons.

12. Slideshare
Allows you to upload or create presentations which are viewable across all devices and can be embedded on other people’s sites. Slideshare often appear on 1st page of Google because of the sites authority.

SEO Analysis Tools

13. WooRank Chrome Extension
SEO Report is an extension for Google Chrome. Click on the WooRank extension icon to open a detailed SEO report of any site you visit.

14. Dareboost
Analyze your site for SEO, speed, security and more. Dareboost isn’t strictly an SEO tool. But it helps to analyze your site for things that indirectly impact SEO, like your site’s loading speed and security.

I hope you got an idea of a few tools that will improve your workflow without affecting your budget. These free SEO tools will help you get started, and a few of them are pretty powerful.

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