How to stay private on the internet

Nothing on the internet is 100% private.

Privacy is a relative term. One search engine can be more secure than the other, but it can’t be 100% secure.

Now, the question is, who do you want to keep your searches private from?

If you want to stay private from:

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If you want to keep your searches private from your ISP then you can use any DNS resolver like Cloudflare’s or any VPN service.

It hides your browsing history from your ISP but your VPN service provider would still have it.

Search Engine

Using a search engine that doesn’t use/share your search queries with third parties for advertising will help you to stay private. Google logs all your searches for selling ads but DuckDuckGo respects your privacy.

If you’re on your desktop/laptop then you can set your default search engine as DuckDuckGo and if you’re on your phone then you can install the DuckDuckGo privacy browser.

the Government

Most of the time, using the Tor Browser along with the DuckDuckGo search engine might help you to stay private from the government.

Stay Private

Whether you’re on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, or on any other operating system, if you want to keep your searches private then you can use a private search engine like DuckDuckGo and use a VPN or DNS resolver service.

But, remember that nothing is 100% private.

That’s it.

Originally written on Quora.

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