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AspiringYouths was started back in 2018 and originally, it was Deepak’s idea. He discovered the term “event blogging” back then and decided to experiment with it. But soon after, he dropped the idea and decided to use the same domain ( to create an ultimate resource for students.

We already knew each other through a friend and Deepak contacted me if I would like to partner up with him for this project. And of course, I said “yes”. 😅

To be honest, there was no “plan” initially. We just wrote about random topics related to what the 10th and 12th class students might be searching for.

And it worked out, we started seeing some traction. We were seeing around 200-300 clicks in the Google Search Console after the first 3 months. We never looked back after that. And once we were sure about what worked, we just kept publishing more and more articles and within a year, the site was getting 10k monthly traffic.

Today, the site gets more than 45k monthly users. And more than 90% of the users are from India as it should be.

The site also has a newsletter associated with it (called The Bright Student Newsletter) which has grown to be around 10,000 subscribers over the years.

How did I contribute?

Mostly, I planned.

Here’s a list of a few things that I did:

  • Did keyword research and consistently provided Deepak with a list of topic ideas as he was the one who wrote
  • I also wrote a few articles, for example this one about the biomagnification process
  • Completely managed the TBSN newsletter — wrote and sent the issues
  • Not for all but for most of the articles, I did all the research and provided with a detailed outline

We had a shared Google Drive folder where everything about the site was being organized, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Currently, the website is resting as we are not actively working on it.

But… I love to open Google Search Console and Analytics just to look at the stats. It’s such a good feeling to see something you did perform so good.

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